The Search...

The Search...

Indosole is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Pretty Poison, a renowned arts warehouse and skateboarding hub in Bali. The collaboration introduces "indopoison," a series of Socks and Slides inspired by the creative and conscious spirit of skate and music culture. The products are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and responsibly made, embodying the positive energy and good vibes associated with Bali. The collaboration aims to inspire and make a difference in the way people think about sustainable fashion and creating items while traveling. Together, Indosole and Pretty Poison continue the search for "indopoison" and spread waves of positive vibes.

We're thrilled to announce our newest collaboration with Pretty Poison, the iconic backyard inspired arts warehouse with a California styled pool to shred, started here in Bali, located at Pig Stone Beach, and resonating worldwide. 

Together we bring you "indopoison" the first series of Socks and Slides highlighting the the creative and conscious spirit of the skate and music culture that Pretty Poison brings to the Island of Bali and greater Indonesia.
What is indoposion? Its the good stuff, what you search for when travelling to Indonesia. In Bali we call this Taksu - good energy, good vibes, positive thinking. A mix of yin and yang, good karma, and what goes around comes around. Treat people with respect, get to know the locals, learn some bahasa...and there you step closer to finding that "indopoison"

The product is designed to be comfortable, stylish and responsibly made. Perfect for your trip to Bali, and great to bring home to wherever that may be. We hope this product has the potential to inspire and make a real difference in the way people think about how to make items as they travel to Bali and think about making a new brand or the desire to dabble in fashion.

Our shoot together was inspired by the classic skate film "The Search For Animal Chin" by the Bones Brigade (Powell Peralta). We gathered a crew of good vibes and explored the idea of searching for "indoposion". We hope you enjoy this cute cult classic and our take on it. click here to see the original and click here to view our indoposion collab products

We want to thank Pretty Poison for partnering with us on this project. We’re confident that together we can create something special that creates waves of positive vibes as we wall continue the search for indoposion!



Indosole Team!

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