Zodiac X Indosole

Zodiac X Indosole

Learn more about an exciting collaboration between Zodiac and Indosole that brings together music, fashion, art and sick new pair of sandals! 
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Jakarta's finest, our friends at Zodiac.

Out of 18 million people (no one really knows how big Jakarta is) we chose one. Our first collaboration with the city no one affectionately calls the "Big Smoke". It's the city where one of our guys - Kai, was born and raised and he kept telling us about the ZODIAC crew so we decided to lean in, and we couldn't be happier we did. They have been a PLEASURE to work with.

Launching their newest space at the end of June - ZODIAC Baresto - with customized mixers, speakers, sounds, and textures to mix in with good times, food, and Natural Wines. We are honored to be available in the ZODIAC store inside their newest location. We hope to see you there. 



Established in December 2018 by a collective group of people with passion for holding intimate parties, ZODIAC invites everyone to expand their experiences with design and sound. Known for their curated music programs and for holding the best parties in town, ZODIAC is a light-mood music bar on the weekdays, turning into a small club on the weekends.

Taking it a step further beyond the bar’s immaculate sound landscape, ZODIAC provides a permanent retail exhibition space created for showcases, exhibitions, and pop-up shops. ZODIAC actively finds fresh activations with different fashion brands, music collectives, DJs from around the world, and neighboring businesses. Integrating the three things that shape today’s culture: music, fashion and art.

Zodiacjakarta.com is a curation of items that have been showcased in the ZODIAC space, past collaborations, and a collection of things found around the scene; ranging from clothing, accessories and miscellaneous items.


The Origin before the Origin

We love this story, the story of friends doing and building spaces, things, sounds, and gatherings. Well no space can be made without good people behind it, so we wanted to give a shout to the Pleasure crew too.

About Pleasure:

Based in the hot-hot-heat Jakarta, Pleasure is a brainchild of 7 friends who want to create a medium for their love of anything great in a fun and unpretentious way. Their designs are always in tune with the vibe, music, and party that they are trying to brew, an intimate get down to an anything-goes music policy. No genre, no stand-ing, just dancing!

Availble At



Click here to find Indosole in Bali!


About Indosole

At Indosole, our mission is to inspire people to live a more fulfilled and conscious life with every step. We pride ourselves on being pioneers of recycled sandals since 2009, crafting eco-friendly footwear with recycled tire soles.

With Indonesian heritage at our core, we celebrate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship, complemented by modern designs that resonate with fashion-forward individuals. We create sandal styles such as flip flops, slides, platforms and adventurers.

Each step you take in Indosole sandals supports our mission to protect nature and empower local communities. Join us in our journey towards a more responsible and sustainable world, one comfortable step at a time.

Much love, 

Indosole Team.

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