Indosole Launches in Europe

Indosole Launches in Europe

A letter from Indosole Europe - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If we cannot go to Bali ourselves, what better way to bring Bali to Europe by officially launching the brand across the ocean. As Amsterdam being our new European hub the Indosole Europe team brought together a group of people that all have something in common: doing good to the world and the environment. Whether it is maintaining a vegan lifestyle, a plastic free living or supporting sustainable fashion.

The event was held at local venture, Meneer Nieges, and was set up to experience the brand up close and to learn a little bit more about how it all began when the idea of Indosole was born in 2004.

As a conscious brand we are always busy spreading our message to as many people as possible. So it was only natural to spread our wings and make Europe aware of the huge tire problem we are not only facing in Bali, but across the whole world.

As we are still facing the consequences from COVID-19 unfortunately Kyle Parsons couldn't physically be there himself. However a livestream connection made it possible to do an intimate Q&A session that answered everybody’s burning questions regarding the origin, current state and future of Indosole in the eyes of the founder himself.

As the event evolved the venture turned into a relaxing Bali hangout. Think coconuts, delicious healthy food, relaxing music and of course loads of sustainable Indo slippers to try on. Coloured recycled tires filled up the environment and shredded tire pieces made the process of slipper making visible.

Seeing everybody exploring and engaging with our slippers made us super excited about what the future has in store for us. Within Europe we are currently available in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Our goal for coming season is to open even more markets and grow with our beloved partners. Spreading the message is the common thread within our distribution model and we can proudly say to have success with the agencies and stores who believe that they can make the difference.

Thanks Europe for the super warm welcome we’ve got. Now its up to you to join us on our quest to save as many tires as possible from negatively impacting our environment!

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