Earth Day 2024 with Liina Klauss

Earth Day 2024 with Liina Klauss

We wanted to share the awesome experience we had celebrating Earth Day with the talented artist Liina Klauss. It was all about cleaning up Nyanyi Beach and getting creative with old sandals. Here's how it went down:

You probably know Liina for her cool art made from stuff found on beaches around the world. Well, we teamed up with her to do something special for Earth Day. From Hong Kong to Nyanyi Beach in Bali, Liina's artworks, made from discarded sandals. like are great reminders of why we need to take care of our planet.

On Earth Day, we hit up Nyanyi Beach with Liina and got to work cleaning up. We found all sorts of stuff, including old sandals. Then, Liina worked her magic and turned those old sandals into an amazing artwork right there on the beach.

Our Earth Day collab with Liina isn't just a one-time thing. We're all about keeping things sustainable. Just like Liina transformed old sandals into art, we're all about finding new ways to reuse stuff and reduce waste. 

It was awesome hanging out with Liina and making a difference on Earth Day. Let's keep the Earth Day vibes going all year round! Whether it's cleaning up beaches or finding creative ways to reuse stuff, every little bit counts. Thanks for joining us on this journey to a greener planet!

Goal: Visual of Earth from Space

Step 1: Collect trash from Pantai Nyani (Nyanyi Beach)

Step 2: Separate the trash by color and follow the lines and direction of Liina of where to place each color

Step 3: Follow Liina's direction after looking at the live drone footage provided by Simon the Drone Master

Step 4: Adjust placement of colors and add colors where needed

Step 5: Gather to celebrate and allow Simon to get the complete drone shots of the finished installation

Step 6: Gather the waste by separating the waste into different classifications: bottles, plastic cups, hard plastic, plastic bottles, textiles, and other

Step 7: Carry waste back to the pickup location, call Eco Bali to pick up and leave the beach cleaner then we found it in the morning

Step 8: it's 11 am - lets continue to have a beautiful day celebrating Ibu Bumi (mother earth)

Shoutout to Liina Klauss for inspiring us with her amazing art and helping us make a difference on Earth Day. Let's keep spreading those positive vibes and doing our part to take care of our planet. Happy Earth Day, everyone! 🌍✌️

Here are some beautiful words from Liina reminding us Earth Day is Everyday:

all humans


one spirit


all humans


one consciousness


this is the way nature designed it

so that we will be sharing the world, together


take a couple of breathes of fresh air

it's the same air my family is breathing

the same air they are breathing

in every part of the planet

let's take care of her


we are all eating the food that Mother Earth gives us


everybody's food come from the same Earth


so you ask for it with love

accept it with love

and then you give love back


you don't give trash back

you don't give pollution back to Nature

you give love

you give goodness back to the Earth

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