Old Materials = New Solutions - Recycled Coasters Now Available

Old Materials = New Solutions - Recycled Coasters Now Available

Indosole has been dedicated to repurposing old materials into new solutions since its inception. Starting with old tires, they developed a handmade process to create sandal soles and later expanded to using recycled sneaker parts. With their "Lost Sole" campaign, Indosole introduced vibrant colors and collaborations with other brands. Now, they have ventured into home goods with coasters, symbolizing the potential of giving old materials new life. Indosole offers fully customized coaster sets for brands, non-profits, events, or individuals looking for sustainable options.
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New Solutions with Old Materials

At Indosole, we have been primarily a footwear brand since day one. We started by picking up old tires on the side of the road and bringing them to a workshop and testing to see which ones could make the best sandal soles. Once we developed a handmade process, we took it to the next level by grinding the tires down and making molds. It's been an evolution of process in effort to streamline efficiency and output.

Over the years and along the way, we have tinkered around with lots of materials that would otherwise be looked at as a pile of waste. By sifting through trash piles, we came to the realization that there are so many great materials out there that could be useful in its next life.

This year, we launched our "Lost Sole" campaign which features recycled sneaker parts as soles on our new sandals. This new wave of old materials has given our brand a more vibrant color and appeal from the ground up. It has also opened up a whole new dimension for collaborations with other brands while having the ability to match any pantone color for this new recycled sneaker sole technology.

Adding in home goods to the mix felt like a natural fit with our Tire Tech and now Sneaker Tech too. We have begun with coasters - as a symbol of what is possible Also, as a symbol that virgin materials do not need to be built from the ground up for basic products - They can be reused / recycled!

If you have a brand, a non-profit, a corporate event, wedding, or just a huge house that you would like to dial our coasters into. Please hit us up for a fully customized Coaster set - Small Minimums and Quick turnarounds.

Please contact us today for a quote and we can prepare a custom coaster for your company or event! 


Check out our Indosole x Sea Sheperd Coaster Collab:


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